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VIC 20

This is the second edition VIC20 that still used the 2-pin power plug but got the C64 style keyboard. The brown function keys were still there, which also found themselves on the first C64s made. These brown keys seem to be around on all VIC20s except some of the latest which had the grey keys like the C64. But I am unsure whether this is the cost reduced version or if the ones I have seen are just "repaired" and got fitted a standard C64 keyboard.

I do know know exactly but I suspect the first VIC20 computers to be made in Germany, and branded as VIC20 (in Germany they were VC20) but using the same colorful VIC text on the logo. The later UK made versions all seem to use the horizontal stripes similar to the C64, but still as a foil print. Please mail me if you think this is wrong and have a VIC20 to contradict this. In the US they all used a noncolor logo in the start, eventually being replaced by the same colorful striped version later.

My Collection

My VIC20 was bought from UK on ebay and is in excellent condition. Even the box is practically new. This is the state I want all my computers in the collection to be some day. :)

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