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Commodore 64 (grey German Model)

The German store chain Aldi had a special C64 made for selling at their chain, and naturally these were manufactured at the plant in West Germany. It has a beige case and white keys. These were only sold in Germany. Due to a fault in the production these were made with no 9 volt on the user port making it unusable for many things. It can be fixed and a number of computers got it fixed from the store from what I have heard.

My Collection

My C64 Aldi was bought on ebay in germany from a store that tests and sell very good quality commodore gear. It is in very good condition with some minor yellowing on the edges around the plastic (this might be a production fault though). I dont have the original box for this. I do not know if the user port has been fixed although the guarantee stickers on both sides have been broken - although the sticker underneath (on center screw) has not been broken. The sticker might have replaced after fixing the 9 volt.

Serial Number: WG A451023

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