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Commodore SX-64

The SX 64 was Commodores first try at a "portable" computer, but at 10.5 kg your arms would get long lugging it around. Its sturdy handle also acted as the stand to tilt the computer a bit up. It has a 5" color CRT, an integrated 5 1/4" floppy drive and a detachable keyboard (acts as top cover). On the front is also has a small storage compartment which is nice for the cable needed to attach the keyboard. On the top you will find a cartridge port and on the back you will find all the usual ports except for a datasette port and RF port. The latter ommisions is a bit strange as it severely limits the users ability to connect it to a bigger screen as well as accessing the very rich software library available on tape. And naturally it does not have a battery like a portable computer would have today, so you need to plug it into the wall.

The SX-64 didnt sell very well, it was heavy and expensive as well as badly markedet. Around 90.000 of them were made and less than 10000 of these were sold in Europe. The follower dual floppy version called DX-64 was never released and only a few prototypes are found among collectors.

Its really an interesting "little" computer and the thing I like about it is that you got it "almost" all in one package. Its relatively easy to bring around and besides a power cable you dont need anything more. Very nice for a quick Commodore fix. :)

My Collection

Most SX-64s that were sold in Europe can be found in Germany, so I found mine on ebay germany where they frequently pop up. Mine was in quite decent condition, everything working fine. It had the cyan plastic knobs on the sides intact as well. However one hinge is broken off for the keyboard and it the whole keyboard feels a bit loose.

Serial Number: GA6 005226 (January 1984)

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