Interesting Commodore Links - This is the retro collector site that I have developed and maintain together with Bo Kvamme. In addition to showing scans and content images of games, we also preserve Commodore 64 tapes here. We have a number of submitters adding to the database on a regular basis and the C64 collection alone has already passed 11000 releases! We believe its the best overview of what original releases exist for the C64. Please do contact us if you collect for any other system as the site could use more submitters for other systems.

Bo Zimmermans Collection - This is probably the best collection of Commodore gear you will find on the net. This lucky guy got gems like C65, Golden C64, 232 and V364. I've got Commodore envy. :)

Wikipedia on Commodore - On wikipedia you will find a wealth of information about Commodore and their history. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in knowing more. - A lot of good information about Commodore and their computers.

The Secret Weapons of Commodore - A lot of nifty details about Commodores creations, especially the odd bits interesting for a collector.

Lemon 64 - A site with information on a large selection of the Commodore 64 games - and a nice community forum where I freqently post.

GameBase 64 - A site documenting all software for Commodore 64. Has a nice client based frontend. Tons of binaries of all games also!

C64 Tapes Preservation Project - Bo Kvamme's great site for preserving those musty old C64 tapes before their bits fall off. Made possible through the nice DC2N hardware designed by Luigi.

Moby Games - A big community project documenting all the games for all platforms. Here you will find all the other Commodore platforms as well.

Arnold C64 Games - Here you will find tape, disc and cartrige images of many C64 games as well as a nice selection of utilities.

The Def Guide to Zzap!64 - Scans of all Zzap!64 magazines, and lots of C64 related information.

VICE Emulator - The best Commodore emulator around. This has excellent C64 emulation as well as Plus 4, VIC20, C128 and even the old PET. If you cant get your hands on the real thing then get this, download some images off Arnolds site and enjoy a retro experience!

C64 Game Endings - Ever wondered how those pesky old C64 games really ended? Enjoy it all here!

The SixtyFour Originals Database - Or SFODB as we like to call it. One of the biggest databases of box and contents scans for the C64. A total of 1580 documented titles as of 8th of May 2009.

Compilation 64 - Naturally a popular computer like the C64 had tons of compilations, probably around 400! This site tries to document them all.

GTW 64 - Games That Werent 64 is a site dedicated to documenting all games that were planned, started or completed but never found their way to the shelves. As a collector you should check this if you have been searching years on end for a special title only to discover it never saw the light of day in spite of a binary available on e.g. GB64.

Remix.Kwed.Org - Enjoy hundreds of modern remakes of old C64 SID tunes. Some of them are really great!

Commodore Plus/4 World - Possibly the most complete documentation of C16/Plus4 titles released and with cover scans of almost all. Excellent site!

Mayhem in Monsterland - A Commodore collector who probably has the most complete cartridge collection - with scans of them all!

Ebay USA - Ebay UK - Ebay Germany - The places to look for Commodore stuff if you are a collector.

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