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Commodore 64g

The 64g was the last Commodore in production and got the letter G since it was a special product made for Germany (although they were made in China). It has the same motherboard as the 64c and was mainly produced because the 64c wasnt compatible with some items like the music keyboard. It uses the same keyboard as the 64c so the petscii characters are printed on the top like the 64c. The 64g also has a white case similar to the 64c but identical to the old bread-box shape. The 64G has some special features like a green power led and no H-L switch for the sound modulation since it was hardwired Low for the German market (you wont get any sound on the RF signal in UK for example).

Since it used the same bread-box shape it was also packaged in the same box as before but had a sleeve outside with the letters "Video Supergame 64". Its interesting that the original packaging all the way up to this (except the 64c) used a picture of the original 64 with the brown function keys.

My Collection

My C64G was bought on ebay in germany from a store that tests and sell very good quality commodore gear. Mine is in very good condition although I dont have the original packaging for it. I also get sound on the RF cable since Norway uses same PAL standard as Germany. In fact all Commodore products that was made for Norway came from (or was made for) Germany also.

Serial Number: HB4 187535

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