Commodore 64 games I am looking for

Here is a list of some of the titles I am currently looking for. You can contact me if you have any of these available for trade or anything else I presently dont have. Note that I am only looking for full boxed versions preferably with instructions and all. Note that some media icons might be wrong, and in many cases I am looking for disc or cartridge versions whenever they are available, although my priority at the moment is tape releases. Here is my current collection.

= tape, = disc, = cartridge, = shrink wrapped, = bad condition, = eu, = us, = german

1942 1986CapcomLemon, GB64
3D Time Trek 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
3D World Boxing 1992SimulmondoLemon
A Bee Cs 1983CommodoreGB64
Abyss 1987KingsoftLemon, GB64
ADIDAS Championship Football 1990OceanLemon, GB64
Adventure Quest 1983Level 9 ComputingLemon, GB64
Advertiser Bubble Bus
After the War 1989Dinamic SoftwareLemon, GB64
Aftermath 1986Alpha OmegaLemon, GB64
Alice in Wonderland 1985Windham ClassicsLemon, GB64
Aliens 1987Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Amnesia 1987Electronic ArtsLemon, GB64
Amulet, The Sentient SoftwareGB64
Ape Craze 1982Comm*DataGB64
Aquanaut 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Arcadia 64 1983Corgi SoftwareLemon
Army Moves 1987ImagineLemon
Arrow Transfer Arrow
Aspar GP Master 1988Dinamic SoftwareLemon
Assembler 64 Anger Productions
Assembler and Disassembler Mr. Chip Software
Astro Chase 1984First Star SoftwareLemon, GB64
Astro Marine Corps 1990Dinamic SoftwareLemon
Asylum 1986US GoldLemon, GB64
Asylum 1986ScreenplayLemon, GB64
Athena 1987ImagineLemon, GB64
Attack of the Atlanteans K-tekGB64
Attack on Windscale 1983Phoenix SoftwareLemon, GB64
Aventura Espacial, La 1990Aventuras ADGB64
Aventura Original, La 1989Aventuras ADLemon, GB64
Aztec Challenge 1983AudiogenicLemon, GB64
Balloonacy 2 2005CronosoftGB64
Bank Account No Mans Land
Barbie 1984EpyxLemon, GB64
Basket Manager, The 1990SimulmondoLemon, GB64
Basket Master 1987ImagineLemon, GB64
Basket Playoff 1992SimulmondoLemon, GB64
Bath Time 1984Soft & EasyLemon, GB64
Battle for Midway 1984Soft & EasyGB64
Bazooka Bill 1985MicropoolLemon, GB64
BC II: Grog's Revenge 1984US GoldLemon
Beach-Head 1983Access SoftwareLemon
Beach-Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back 1985Access SoftwareLemon
Betrayal 1990RainbirdLemon
Big Game Fishing 1991SimulmondoLemon, GB64
Big Mouth Orbit
Black Knight 1984RoflowGB64
Black Magic 1987DatasoftLemon, GB64
Blade of Blackpoole, The 1982Sirius SoftwareLemon, GB64
Blitz 2000 CronosoftGB64
Blue Max 1983Synapse SoftwareLemon
Blue Max 2001 1984US GoldLemon
BMX Stunts 1984JetsoftLemon, GB64
Bob Moran - Rittertum 1988InfogramesGB64
Bob Moran - Science Fiction 1988InfogramesGB64
Bobsled K-tekGB64
Bocce 1987SimulmondoLemon, GB64
Bodo Illgner's Super Soccer 1989Empire SoftwareLemon, GB64
Bomber Run 64 1983SoftcellGB64
Boot Camp 1987KonamiLemon, GB64
Boulder Dash 1984First Star SoftwareLemon
Boulder Dash 1984Micro FunLemon
Boulder Dash III 1991AackosoftLemon
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! 1985Big Five SoftwareLemon
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! 1985US GoldLemon
Bowling Roflow
Bozo's Night Out 1984Corgi SoftwareLemon
Bridge AllrianGB64
Brimstone 1985Synapse SoftwareGB64
Bristles 1983First Star SoftwareLemon, GB64
Bubble Bobble 1987TaitoLemon, GB64
Bumping Buggies 1984Soft & EasyLemon
C'est La Vie 1983Adventure InternationalLemon, GB64
Cabal 1990CapcomLemon
Cabal 1989ImagineLemon, GB64
Captain Starlight 1984Data MediaGB64
Cartels & Cutthroats 1986Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Castle of Jasoom 1984QuicksilvaGB64
Castle of Terror 1985Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Castle Wolfenstein 1983Muse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Cauldron 1985IrishLemon
Chambers of Shaolin 1989GrandslamLemon, GB64
Chamonix Challenge 1987InfogramesLemon, GB64
Chinese Juggler, The 1984Corgi SoftwareLemon, GB64
Choplifter 1982BroderbundLemon, GB64
Chuck Rock 1992GeniasGB64
Chuck Rock 1992GeniasGB64
Citadel 1989Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Cityattak 1984K-tekGB64
Cobra 1986OceanLemon, GB64
Cohen's Towers 1983DatamostLemon, GB64
Colossal Cave Adventure 1985DuckworthLemon, GB64
Combat Approach K-tekGB64
Congo Bongo 1985US GoldLemon, GB64
Contra 1986KonamiLemon, GB64
Cool Croc Twins 1992Empire SoftwareLemon, GB64
Cool World 1992OceanLemon, GB64
Copy Cat Wizard Software
Cosmic Bouncer 1984DynamicsGB64
Cosmic Clash 1984K-tekGB64
CounterForce 1988CRLLemon, GB64
Cribbage Abacus SoftwareGB64
Crossword Twister 1983Stack Computer ServicesGB64
Crown 1991Starbyte SoftwareLemon, GB64
Crush, Crumble & Chomp 1983EpyxLemon
Crypt of Pharaoh K-tek
Crystal Frog, The 1985Sentient SoftwareGB64
CS Educational Tapes: Biology Computeristic Software
CS Educational Tapes: French Age 9-11 Computeristic Software
CS Educational Tapes: General Science Age 9-11 Computeristic Software
CS Educational Tapes: Geography Computeristic Software
CS Educational Tapes: Sport Age 12-14 Computeristic Software
Curse of Ra 1983EpyxLemon, GB64
Dark Lord 1987DatasoftLemon
Darkman 1991OceanLemon, GB64
Deflektor Laing MarketingGB64
Denaris 1989Top ShotsLemon
Denis Through the Drinking Glass 1984Applications Software SpecialitiesGB64
Detective 1983Argus Press SoftwareGB64
Dicky's Diamonds 1983Laing MarketingLemon, GB64
Dig Dug 1983DatasoftLemon, GB64
Dig Dug 1983AtarisoftLemon, GB64
Dig Dug 1983US GoldLemon, GB64
Dino Eggs 1983Micro FunLemon, GB64
Diosa de Cozumel, La 1990Aventuras ADLemon
Double Dragon 1989HES AustraliaLemon, GB64
Double Dribble 1990KonamiGB64
Doughboy 1984US GoldLemon
Dragon Strike 1990Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Dragonriders of Pern 1984EpyxLemon, GB64
Drelbs 1984Synapse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Drelbs 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Dropzone 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold 1990Disney SoftwareGB64
Dylan Dog - Murderers 1992SimulmondoLemon
Dynamite Hit Sensation Ocean
Dynasty Wars 1990US GoldLemon, GB64
Eagles 1987HewsonLemon, GB64
Eidolon, The 1985EpyxLemon
Election Night Special Sophisticated Games
Eliminator 1983Adventure InternationalGB64
Elite Cheat II Crazy Horse Software
Ellak's Grav (Norwegian) 1984Argus Press SoftwareLemon
Emerald Mine II 1988KingsoftLemon, GB64
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz 1990AudiogenicGB64
Encounter 1984Synapse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Enforcer, The 1987Methodic SolutionsGB64
Eon 1993KingsoftLemon, GB64
ESWAT 1990US GoldLemon, GB64
Evening Star + Southern Belle 1986HewsonLemon, GB64
Everyone's a Wally 1985IrishLemon
F1 1984LoricielsGB64
Fairlight: A Prelude 1986MindscapeLemon
Family Quiz
Fantasy RnH Microtec
Faulty Towers 1985Harbour SoftGB64
Federation 1987CRLGB64
Firefly 1988OceanLemon, GB64
FireTrap 1987Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Flip & Flop 1984First Star SoftwareLemon
Fly Harder 1993Starbyte SoftwareGB64
Fool's Gold 1983Laing MarketingLemon, GB64
Football Champ 1991SimulmondoLemon
Formula 1 3D: F.1 Manager II 1990SimulmondoLemon
Fort Apocalypse 1982US GoldLemon
Frankie goes to Hollywood 1985OceanLemon
Freddy Hardest 1987ImagineLemon
Frogman 1983DynamicsGB64
Galaxian 1983AtarisoftLemon, GB64
Galaxy 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Game Over 1987ImagineLemon
Garfield: Winter's Tail 1989The EdgeLemon
Gateway to the Savage Frontier 1991Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Gauntlet III: The Final Fight 1991US GoldLemon, GB64
Gemstone Healer 1986Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Genesis 1983DatasoftGB64
Geography Quiz School Software
Get Ready for Number with BJ Bear 1984CommodoreGB64
Ghost Mansion III 1985Laing MarketingGB64
Ghosts 'n Goblins 1986CapcomLemon, GB64
Goddess Stargate
Golf 1983Anger ProductionsGB64
Gotcha Maths Channel 8 SoftwareGB64
Gothmog's Lair 1983Progressive Peripherals & SoftwareGB64
Gradius 1987KonamiGB64
Graffiti Man 1988Top ShotsLemon, GB64
Grand Jeu des Chiffres et des Lettres, Le LoricielsGB64
Grandslam Collection Grandslam
Grave Robbers 1982Rabbit SoftwareGB64
Great Escape, The 1986OceanLemon, GB64
Great Giana Sisters, The 1987Rainbow ArtsLemon, GB64
Great Giana Sisters, The 1987Rainbow ArtsLemon, GB64
Green Beret 1986ImagineLemon
Guerra de Las Vajillas, La 1988Aventuras ADGB64
Gun Smoke 1987CapcomLemon
Gunslinger 1987DatasoftLemon, GB64
Gunslinger 1987US GoldLemon, GB64
Gusher 1984Visions Software FactoryGB64
Gust Buster 1984Sunrise SoftwareGB64
Gwendolyn: Pursuit of a Princess 1984Artworx Software CompanyGB64
H.E.R.O. - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation 1984HES AustraliaLemon
Halcyon 1987KingsoftLemon, GB64
Hard 'n Heavy 1989reLINE SoftwareLemon
Header Reader 64 Horizon
Heist, The 1984Micro FunLemon, GB64
Heli-Jump 1985SpritesGB64
Heli-Maths Kerian UK LtdGB64
Hellhole 1990CRLLemon, GB64
Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants 1983Corgi SoftwareLemon, GB64
Hobbit, The 1983Addison-Wesley Publishing CompanyLemon
Hot Wheels 1985EpyxLemon, GB64
Hounded 1987Fast BucksLemon, GB64
House of Usher 1984KingsoftLemon, GB64
Hubert 1983LoricielsGB64
Hustler 1985Soft & EasyLemon
Hustler 1985Bubble BusLemon
Hyper Biker 1984Soft & EasyLemon, GB64
I Play: 3D Tennis 1992SimulmondoLemon
IK+ 1987System 3Lemon
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 1992Lucasfilm GamesLemon, GB64
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 1992KixxLemon, GB64
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 1992US GoldLemon, GB64
Indoor Games Pack Prism Leisure
Indoor Sports 1987DatabyteLemon, GB64
Infernal Runner 1985LoricielsLemon, GB64
Institute, The 1983ScreenplayLemon, GB64
International Arcade Action Wicked Software
Iridis Alpha 1986HewsonLemon
Island Adventure 1984DuckworthGB64
It's a Kind of Magic Magic Bytes
It's a Kind of Magic 3 Magic Bytes
Jabato vs. Imperio: Libertad 1989Aventuras ADLemon
Jammin' 1983Corgi SoftwareLemon
Jinks 1987Top ShotsLemon, GB64
Jump Jet 1985Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Jump Machine Kingsoft
Junior Wordsplits 1984Sulis SoftwareGB64
Kampfgruppe: Scenario Disk 1 1985Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Karnov 1988Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Karting Grand Prix KingsoftGB64
Kayleth 1987US GoldLemon, GB64
Kick Off 1983Soft & EasyLemon, GB64
Knight Rider 1986OceanLemon, GB64
Knights of Legend 1989Origin SystemsLemon, GB64
Kongo Kong 1983Victory SoftwareLemon, GB64
Krisp 1985SpritesGB64
Ladders to Learning - Alphabetical Know How 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Alphabetical Order 1984McGraw HillGB64
Ladders to Learning - Balloon Game 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Corner Store 1984McGraw HillGB64
Ladders to Learning - Counting 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Hangman I 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Hangman II 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Hangman VI 1984McGraw Hill
Las Vegas 1984Anirog SoftwareLemon
Laser Genius Ocean
Last Fight, The 1989OctasoftGB64
Last Ninja 2 1988ActivisionLemon
Last Ninja Remix 1990System 3Lemon, GB64
Last Ninja, The 1987ActivisionLemon
Law of the West 1985Action SoftwareLemon, GB64
Leaderboard Tournament Cassette 1 US Gold
League Soccer Sophisticated Games
Legend of Kage 1987ImagineLemon
Lickey Route Dee-Kay SystemsGB64
Life Force 1988KonamiLemon, GB64
Litti's Hot Shot 1989Gremlin GraphicsGB64
Little Computer People 1985ActivisionLemon
Little Computer People 1985ActivisionLemon
Logger Mania Boom SoftwareGB64
Lords 1991KingsoftLemon, GB64
Lost City, The 1985Step OneGB64
Love Bytes 1985Harbour SoftGB64
Lovetoy Stargate
Lucifer's Realm 1986US GoldLemon
Lunar Outpost 1984EpyxLemon, GB64
Madballs 1987OceanLemon, GB64
Mag Max 1987ImagineLemon, GB64
Malice in Wonderland Sentient SoftwareGB64
Mancopter 1984DatasoftLemon
Mask of the Sun, The 1984BroderbundLemon, GB64
Masquerade 1984American Eagle SoftwareLemon, GB64
Master Word Hill MacGibbon
Mastering the Commodore 64 Ellis Horwood
Masters of the Universe: Super Adventure 1987US GoldLemon
Mathe-Stunde 3, Die Europa Computer Club
Mega Phoenix 1991Dinamic SoftwareLemon, GB64
Mega Phoenix 1991Prism LeisureLemon, GB64
Megahawk 1984DynamicsLemon, GB64
Memo Pad Bubble Bus
Metal Gear 1990KonamiLemon
Miami Vice 1986OceanLemon
Midnight Resistance 1990OceanLemon, GB64
Mikie 1986OzisoftLemon, GB64
Mikie 1986EpyxLemon, GB64
Mind Pursuit 1986DatasoftLemon
Miner 2049'er II 1985Micro FunLemon
Mines of Saturn and Return to Earth Saturn DevelopmentsGB64
Money Manager Ivan Berg Software
Montezuma's Revenge 1984Parker BrosLemon, GB64
Montezuma's Revenge 1984BCI SoftwareLemon
Monty on the Run 1985Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Moon Patrol 1983AtarisoftLemon, GB64
Movie Maker Ariolasoft
Movie Monster Game, The 1986EpyxLemon
Movie Monster Game, The 1986US GoldLemon
Mr. Do's Castle 1984Parker BrosLemon, GB64
Mr. T's Simple Sums 1984Ebury SoftwareGB64
Murder on the Mississippi 1986ActivisionLemon, GB64
Music 64 1983Supersoft
Music Studio, The Activision
Mystery Of The Lost Sheep, The 1986Central Computing
Mystic Mansion 1983US GoldLemon, GB64
NARC 1990OceanLemon, GB64
Narco Police 1991Dinamic SoftwareLemon, GB64
Net Nut Scand SoftGB64
Neutral Zone 1983Access SoftwareLemon, GB64
Neverending Story, The 1985DatasoftLemon
Night Shift 1990Top ShotsLemon
Nova Blast 1984HES AustraliaGB64
Number Nabber Shape Grabber 1983CommodoreLemon, GB64
O'Riley's Mine 1983DatasoftLemon, GB64
Odyssey 1984K-tekLemon, GB64
Ollo II 1986RoflowGB64
Omega: Der Geheime Planet 1987InfogramesLemon, GB64
Omega: Planete Invisible 1987InfogramesLemon, GB64
One Day Cricket 1985Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Oo-Topos 1986PolarwareGB64
Orin 1 Scand SoftGB64
Orpheus in the Underworld 1984Alpha OmegaGB64
Oxxonian 1989Top ShotsLemon, GB64
Pac-Man Datasoft
Panic Express 1986Red Rat SoftwareGB64
Panorama Talent Computer Systems
Pastfinder 1984ActivisionLemon
Peace Women 1985Knight SoftwareGB64
Perils of Bear George 1983CheetahsoftGB64
Pharaoh's Curse, The 1983Synapse SoftwareLemon
Phase 4 1984Channel 8 SoftwareGB64
Pictionary: The Game of Quick Draw 1989DomarkLemon
Pirate Island Andromeda Software
Pirates of the Barbary Coast 1986Cascade GamesLemon, GB64
Pirates! 1987MicroProse SoftwareLemon
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns 1984HES AustraliaLemon
Platou 1988KingsoftGB64
Playdays Alternative SoftwareGB64
Pogo Joe 1984ScreenplayGB64
Poker Roflow
Pokie Roflow
Popeye The Collection Alternative Software
Pot Panic 1991KingsoftGB64
President Elect: 1984 Edition 1984Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Printlink Supersoft
Professor Zork: Im Kabinett des Grauens Happy Software
Psi-5 Trading Company 1986AccoladeLemon
Pulse Interceptor Software
Purple Heart 1988CRLLemon, GB64
Puzzle Panic 1984EpyxLemon, GB64
Quatrieme Dimension, La 1984SpritesGB64
Quest for Quintana Roo 1984Sunrise SoftwareLemon, GB64
Quill, The 1984NoraceGB64
Quiwi 1986KingsoftGB64
R-Type 1988Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Racing Pack 1992Prism Leisure
Rainbow Islands 1990OceanLemon
Rebel Racer Starbyte Software
Red Storm Rising 1988MicroProse SoftwareLemon
Reederei 1990United SoftwareLemon
Reisende im Wind 1987InfogramesLemon, GB64
Reisende im Wind II 1988InfogramesLemon, GB64
Renegade 1987TaitoLemon, GB64
Renegade 1987ImagineLemon, GB64
Renegade III: The Final Chapter 1989ImagineLemon
Retrograde 1989ThalamusLemon, GB64
Ringside Seat 1983Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
S.T.U.N. Runner Summer Sensation Pack Domark
Saboteur 1984Cable SoftwareGB64
Santa Game, The 1984Laing MarketingGB64
Sanxion 1986Electronic ArtsLemon
Saracen 1987DatasoftLemon, GB64
Sarakon 1990Starbyte SoftwareLemon, GB64
Satan 1990Dinamic SoftwareLemon, GB64
Satan's Hollow 1984CommodoreLemon
Saucer Attack! 1984Lotus SoftLemon
Scott Adams Adventure Series Adventure International
Scrolls of Abadon, The 1984Access SoftwareLemon, GB64
Seafox 1983BroderbundLemon, GB64
Search for King Solomon's Mines, The 1986dotsoftLemon, GB64
Sentinel 1984Synapse SoftwareLemon
Serpentine 1982BroderbundLemon, GB64
Sgt Slaughters Mat Wars 1989MindscapeGB64
Shadowfax 1983PosternLemon, GB64
Shamus 1983Synapse SoftwareLemon
Shamus Case II 1984Synapse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Sharky Mr. Micro
She-Fox 1988MartechLemon, GB64
Sidewalk 1987InfogramesLemon, GB64
Sidewalk 1987InfogramesLemon, GB64
Simpsons, The: Arcade Game 1991KonamiLemon, GB64
SimulGolf 1988SimulmondoLemon, GB64
Siren City 1983Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Skariten 1987Balistic SoftwareGB64
Ski-er 64 1983Abacus SoftwareGB64
Skull Island dotsoftLemon, GB64
Sleepwalker 1992OceanLemon, GB64
Snake Pit 1983PosternGB64
Snooker 1984Corgi SoftwareLemon, GB64
Space Junk AuraGB64
Space Pilot 1984Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Space Pilot 1984KingsoftLemon, GB64
Space Racer LoricielsGB64
Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space 1984ActivisionLemon
Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space 1984HES AustraliaLemon
Space-Pilot 1984KingsoftLemon
Space-Pilot 1984KingsoftLemon
Spectrum Simulator 1985Whitby Computers
Spell of Destruction 1985MindscapeLemon, GB64
Spelli-Copter Kerian UK LtdGB64
Spherical 1989Top ShotsGB64
Sprite And Character Generator Jetsoft
Sprite Machine 64 Anirog Software
Spy Hunter 1983SegaLemon, GB64
Spy Hunter 1983SegaLemon, GB64
Star Trek 1983Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Star Wars 1983Parker BrosLemon, GB64
Starcross 1982InfocomLemon
Stealth 1984BroderbundLemon, GB64
Sterns Lost Tomb 1984DatasoftLemon
Sterns Lost Tomb 1984DatasoftLemon
Stock Market 1982Argus Press SoftwareGB64
Storm 1986MastertronicLemon
Stranded 2007CronosoftGB64
Street Fighter II 1992KixxLemon, GB64
Strider 1990CapcomLemon, GB64
Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game of Chance 1984Artworx Software CompanyLemon
Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game of Chance 1984US GoldLemon
Summer Games 2 1985US GoldLemon
Sunny Shine 1990Rainbow ArtsLemon, GB64
Super Hang-On 1987Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Super Zaxxon 1984SegaLemon, GB64
Supercuda 1983Rabbit SoftwareLemon, GB64
Superman: The Game 1985First Star SoftwareLemon, GB64
Superstar Ping-Pong 1986US GoldLemon
SuperTed 1984Longman SoftwareGB64
Survivor 1983Synapse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Survivor 1983Synapse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Suspended 1983InfocomLemon
Sword of Honour 1994Electric Boys Entertainment SoftwareGB64
Sword of Hrakel 1984Laing Marketing
Tai-Pan 1987OceanLemon
Target Renegade 1988ImagineLemon, GB64
Tass Times in Tone Town 1986ActivisionLemon
Temple of Apshai, The 1983EpyxLemon, GB64
Templos Sagrados, Los 1991Aventuras ADGB64
Ten Little Indians 1983TynesoftGB64
Terra Cresta 1986ImagineLemon, GB64
Thing on a Spring 1985Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Three Stooges, The 1988MirrorsoftLemon
Tiger Road 1988CapcomLemon, GB64
Tigers in the Snow 1984Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Tile KingsoftGB64
Time Runner 1983FunsoftGB64
Time Tunnel 1985US GoldLemon
Token of Ghall, The 1983Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Tom 1984KingsoftLemon, GB64
Top Gun 1987OceanLemon, GB64
Trailblazer 1986MindscapeLemon
Trigger Happy 1988CRLLemon, GB64
Trollie Wallie 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Turn It 1990KingsoftLemon, GB64
Twilight Zone 1985Data MediaGB64
Two-to-One 1990KingsoftLemon
Typhoon 1988ImagineLemon, GB64
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress! 1984Sierra On-LineLemon
Ultimate Collection, The 1991Ubi Soft
Up 'n Down 1984SegaLemon
Up 'n Down 1984US GoldLemon
V - The Computer Game 1986OceanLemon
Vaults of Zurich 1983Artworx Software CompanyGB64
Vega 1985LoricielsGB64
Warm Up 1991GeniasGB64
Warrior II 1987US GoldLemon
Warrior of Ras volume III: The Wylde 1983ScreenplayLemon
Warrior of Ras volume IV: Ziggurat 1983ScreenplayGB64
Western Games 1987Top ShotsLemon, GB64
Westminster 1983Mr. Chip SoftwareGB64
Wheeler Dealer 1983Ram TopGB64
Wheeler Dealer 1983Mr. Chip SoftwareGB64
Whirlinurd 1985US GoldLemon, GB64
White Barrows, The 1982Argus Press SoftwareGB64
Whodunnit? Sophisticated Games
Wicked 1989Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Widows Revenge 1983Bubble BusGB64
Wildwasser Happy Software
Wings of War 1985Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Wizard 1984Progressive Peripherals & SoftwareGB64
Wizard and the Princess, The 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Wizard Expansion Set 1984Progressive Peripherals & SoftwareGB64
Wizard of Oz, The 1985Windham ClassicsLemon, GB64
Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds 1982Sir-Tech SoftwareLemon, GB64
World Cup Year 90 Compilation 1990Empire Software
Xevious 1986MindscapeLemon, GB64
Xyphus 1984PolarwareGB64
Yantzee Anger ProductionsGB64
Yie Ar Kung Fu II 1987ImagineLemon
Zone 49 1984Dynamic SoftwareGB64
Zorro 1985US GoldLemon, GB64
Zorro 1985Action SoftwareLemon, GB64

Totals: 509 titles (273 cassette, 213 disc, 23 cartridge)

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