Commodore 64 games for trade

Here is the list of games I have for trade at the moment. Some of these are shown and pictured in the shop. Although I can always sell games I always prefer to trade with other collectors. First here is a list of titles high on my wishlist. But you can also look at my publisher page and check if you got a title that isnt marked as "got" there. The page isnt complete with all publishers so you can also check what I got and offer as trade whatever I havent got there already.

= tape, = disc, = cartridge, = eu, = us, = german

180 1986MastertronicLemon, GB64
3D Pool 1989FirebirdLemon, GB64
3D Tunnel 1984QuicksilvaGB64
3D-Beee 1984Cascade GamesLemon, GB64
4 Most Toppers Alternative Software
5 Computer Hits Beau Jolly
6 pak vol. 1 Elite
720 Degrees 1987US GoldLemon
911 Tiger Shark 1985EliteLemon, GB64
Ace + Ace 2 Encore
ACE 2 1987Cascade GamesLemon, GB64
Ace of Aces 1986US GoldLemon, GB64
ACE: Air Combat Emulator 1985Cascade GamesLemon, GB64
Action Biker 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Action Force 1987MastertronicLemon
Adrian Mole Secret Diary Kit, The 1985Mosaic PublishingGB64
Advanced Basketball Simulator 1988MastertronicLemon
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The GilsoftGB64
After Burner 1988ActivisionLemon
After Burner 1988The Hit SquadLemon
Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back 1987MastertronicLemon
Airborne Ranger 1987MicroProse SoftwareLemon
AirWolf 1985EncoreLemon, GB64
Alien Syndrome 1988SoftekLemon, GB64
Altair 4 1983VoyagerLemon, GB64
American Club Sports 1989MindscapeLemon, GB64
American Football 1984Argus Press SoftwareGB64
American Ice Hockey 1987MindscapeLemon, GB64
Android 2 1983OceanLemon
Andy Capp 1987Alternative SoftwareLemon, GB64
Arcade Hall of Fame US Gold
Arcadia 64 1983ImagineLemon
Arcana 1986New Generation SoftwareLemon, GB64
Archers, The 1986Mosaic PublishingGB64
Archon: The Light and the Dark 1984AriolasoftLemon
Ark Pandora 1986Rino MarketingLemon, GB64
Arkanoid 1987ImagineLemon
Armageddon OceanLemon, GB64
Armageddon 1983Visions Software FactoryLemon, GB64
Armalyte 1988ThalamusLemon
Army Days 1989MindscapeLemon, GB64
Artura 1988Prism LeisureLemon, GB64
Auf Wiedersehen Pet TynesoftLemon, GB64
Automan 1985Bug-ByteGB64
Back to Reality 1986MastertronicLemon, GB64
Bad Cat 1987Go!Lemon, GB64
Ballistix 1989PsyclapseLemon, GB64
Batman 1989OceanLemon
Batman: The Caped Crusader 1988OceanLemon
Battle for Midway 1984Personal Software Services (PSS)GB64
Battle Through Time 1984Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Battle Valley 1988Rack It (Hewson)Lemon, GB64
Battleships 1988Prism LeisureLemon, GB64
BC's Quest for Tires 1984Software ProjectsLemon
Beach-Head 1983US GoldLemon
Beach-Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back 1985ERBELemon
Beaky and the Eggsnatchers 1984Fantasy SoftwareGB64
Beaky and the Eggsnatchers 1984PaxmanGB64
Big Ben 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Big Mac: The Mad Maintenance Man 1985MastertronicLemon
Big Noses American Adventure 1992CodemastersLemon
Bingo 1984DixonsGB64
Bionic Commando 1988Go!Lemon
Black Crystal 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Blagger 1983DixonsLemon
Blaze Out 1989OceanGB64
Blazing Thunder 1990Hi-Tec SoftwareLemon, GB64
Blood Money 1990PsygnosisLemon, GB64
Blue Moon 1983Merlin SoftwareLemon, GB64
BMX Simulator 1986CodemastersLemon, GB64
BMX Trials 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Bogies Pick Value Pack 5 1988Maynard International
Bomb Jack 1986EliteLemon, GB64
Bone Cruncher 1987Superior SoftwareLemon, GB64
Bongo 1984Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Borzak 1984Channel 8 SoftwareGB64
Boulder Dash Construction Kit 1986DatabyteLemon
Bounder 1986Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge 1985MartechLemon
Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge 1985RicochetLemon
Brian Jack's Uchi Mata 1986MartechLemon
Brian Jack's Uchi Mata 1986Alternative SoftwareLemon
Buggy Boy 1987EliteLemon, GB64
Buggy Boy 1987EncoreLemon, GB64
Bump Set Spike! 1986MastertronicLemon
Burger Chase 1984SupersoftLemon, GB64
Busicalc 3 Supersoft
Butcher Hill 1989Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
By Fair Means... or Foul! 1988Superior SoftwareLemon, GB64
California Games 1987US GoldLemon
California Games 1987KixxLemon
California Gold Rush 1984Anik Micro SystemsGB64
Captain Blood 1988InfogramesLemon, GB64
Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons 1989PsyclapseLemon
Car Journey 1984Hill MacGibbonGB64
Carrier Command 1988RainbirdLemon
Cassette 50 1984Cascade Games
Castle of Skull Lord 1984Samurai SoftwareGB64
Caverns of Eriban, The 1985FirebirdLemon, GB64
Caverns of Sillahc 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Chameleon 1986Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Championship of Europe 1992Idea SoftwareGB64
Championship Wrestling 1986KixxLemon
Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation 1990OceanLemon
Chickin Chase 1985FirebirdLemon, GB64
Chiller 1985MastertronicLemon
Chimera 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Cholo 1987FirebirdLemon
Cholo 1987FirebirdLemon
Choplifter 1982AriolasoftLemon, GB64
Choplifter 1982US GoldLemon, GB64
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 1987Electronic ArtsLemon
Chuckie Egg 1984AnF SoftwareLemon, GB64
Chuckie Egg 1984Pick and ChooseLemon, GB64
Chuckie Egg 1984AnF SoftwareLemon, GB64
Chuckie Egg II 1985Pick and ChooseLemon, GB64
CityAttak! 1984K-Tel InternationalLemon
Cliff Hanger 1984New Generation SoftwareLemon, GB64
Clik Clak 1992Idea SoftwareLemon, GB64
Coin-Op Connexion US Gold
Colossus Chess 4 1985CDS SoftwareLemon
Combat School 1987OceanLemon, GB64
Conan 1984AmericanaLemon, GB64
Conquering Everest 1982Argus Press SoftwareGB64
Continental Circus 1989MastertronicLemon
Convoy Raider 1987Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Cool Croc Twins 1992Empire SoftwareLemon, GB64
Countdown to Meltdown 1984MastertronicLemon, GB64
Countdown to Meltdown 1984Creative SparksLemon, GB64
Country Quest 1984Wye Valley SoftwareGB64
Crazy Balloon 1983Software ProjectsLemon
Crazy Cars 1988The Hit SquadLemon, GB64
Crazy Kong 64 1983Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Cricket Master 1989E & J SoftwareGB64
Critical Mass 1986Durell SoftwareLemon, GB64
Crystal Castles 1985US GoldLemon
Cup Football 1990Cult GamesLemon, GB64
Curse, The Gilsoft
Cyberball: Football in the 21st Century 1990DomarkLemon
Cyborg 1987CRLLemon, GB64
Cyclons 1984Rabbit SoftwareLemon, GB64
Daley Thompson's Decathlon 1984OceanLemon
Dante's Inferno 1986BeyondLemon
Dark Fusion 1989Prism LeisureLemon, GB64
Dark Side 1988Incentive SoftwareLemon, GB64
Dark Star 1984MastertronicLemon, GB64
Deactivators 1986AriolasoftLemon, GB64
Death Star 1983Rabbit SoftwareLemon, GB64
Death Star Interceptor 1984System 3Lemon, GB64
Deflektor 1987Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Delta 1987KixxLemon
Denaris 1988Rainbow ArtsLemon
Denarius 1987FirebirdLemon, GB64
Depth Charge 1983CommodoreLemon, GB64
Disco 1984Softcell
Dizzy Collection Codemasters
Dizzy Dice 1987Players SoftwareLemon, GB64
Doc the Destroyer 1987Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Doc the Destroyer 1987Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Donald Duck's Playground 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Dots & Boxes 1983AR SoftwearGB64
Double Dragon 1991MastertronicLemon, GB64
Double, The 1986SummitGB64
Dragon Breed 1990ActivisionLemon
Dragon Skulle 1986UltimateLemon, GB64
Dragon's Lair II: Escape from Singe's Castle 1987Software ProjectsLemon
Dragonriders of Pern 1984CBS SoftwareLemon, GB64
Droids 1986AnglosoftGB64
Dropzone 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Duck Shoot 1984MastertronicLemon, GB64
Dungeon Adventure 1984Level 9 ComputingLemon, GB64
Dynamite Dan 1985MirrorsoftLemon, GB64
Dynamix 1989MastertronicGB64
Eagles 1987HewsonLemon, GB64
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge 1984MartechLemon, GB64
Elvira: The Arcade Game 1991Flair SoftwareLemon
Encounter 1984Atlantis SoftwareLemon, GB64
Encounter 1984Severn SoftwareGB64
Enduro Racer 1987ActivisionLemon, GB64
Energy Warrior + Molecule Man MastertronicLemon
Equinox 1986Mikro-GenLemon, GB64
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters 1990DomarkLemon, GB64
Escape MCP 1983Rabbit SoftwareLemon, GB64
Eureka! 1984DomarkLemon
Eureka! 1984DomarkLemon
European Champions 1990E & J SoftwareLemon, GB64
European II 1988E & J SoftwareGB64
Everyone's a Wally 1985Mikro-GenLemon
Excaliba 1985MastertronicLemon
Exodus 1984FirebirdLemon, GB64
Exolon 1987HewsonLemon, GB64
Express Raider 1987US GoldLemon
Eye of Horus 1990LogotronLemon, GB64
Faery Tale Adventure 1988MicroillusionsLemon, GB64
Falcon: The Renegade Lord 1987Virgin GamesLemon
Falklands 82 1985Personal Software Services (PSS)Lemon, GB64
Fall Guy, The 1984EliteLemon, GB64
Fantastic Four Mastertronic
Fantastic Soccer 1990Zeppelin GamesLemon, GB64
Fantasy World Dizzy 1990CodemastersLemon, GB64
Fast Break 1988Electronic ArtsLemon, GB64
Feud 1987MastertronicLemon, GB64
Fight Night 1985US GoldLemon
Fighter Bomber 1989ActivisionLemon, GB64
Fighting Warrior 1985MastertronicLemon
Finders Keepers 1985MastertronicLemon
Fire Ant 1983Mogul CommunicationsLemon, GB64
First Numbers Collins Software
Five A Side Footy 1988SilverbirdLemon, GB64
Flash Gordon 1986MastertronicLemon
Flight Deck 1986AackosoftLemon, GB64
Flight Simulator 1983Anger ProductionsGB64
Flimbo's Quest 1990System 3Lemon
Flintstones: Yabba-Dabba-Dooo! 1985QuicksilvaLemon, GB64
Flintstones: Yabba-Dabba-Dooo! 1985Bug-ByteLemon, GB64
Flunky 1987PiranhaLemon, GB64
Football Manager 1984Addictive GamesLemon, GB64
Forgotten Worlds 1989KixxLemon, GB64
Formula 1 Simulator 1985MastertronicLemon
Four Smash Hits from Hewson Hewson
Frank Bruno's World Championship Boxing EncoreGB64
Freddy Hardest 1987Alternative SoftwareLemon
Fun school 3 for the under 5s Database Software
Fun school 4 for the 5 to 7 year olds Database Software
Future Knight 1986Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Galaxy Conflict 1982MartechGB64
Game Over II 1988Dinamic SoftwareLemon, GB64
Gangster 1995MindscapeLemon, GB64
Gaplus 1988MastertronicLemon
Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal 1987The EdgeLemon
Gauntlet II 1987KixxLemon, GB64
Gemini Wing 1989MastertronicLemon
Gertie Goose, The Lost Eggs of 1985Reelax GamesGB64
Ghostbusters 1984ActivisionLemon, GB64
Ghosts 'n Goblins 1986EliteLemon, GB64
Ghouls 1984Micro PowerLemon, GB64
Gilligans Gold 1984OceanLemon
Glider Rider 1986QuicksilvaLemon, GB64
Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan Commodore
Gods & Heroes 1986The Power HouseLemon
Gogo the Ghost 1984FirebirdLemon
Gogo the Ghost 1984FirebirdLemon
Golden Axe 1990Virgin GamesLemon, GB64
Golf 1986Yes! SoftwareLemon, GB64
Gotcha Maths Channel 8 SoftwareGB64
Graffiti Man 1988Rainbow ArtsLemon, GB64
Graham Gooch's Test Cricket 1985AudiogenicGB64
Grand Monster Slam 1989Rainbow ArtsLemon, GB64
Grand Prix Circuit 1989Electronic ArtsLemon, GB64
Grand Prix Selection 1988Electric Dreams
Grand Prix Simulator 1987CodemastersLemon, GB64
Grandmaster 1982AudiogenicLemon, GB64
Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990EliteLemon
Gremlins: The Adventure 1985Adventure InternationalLemon
Gribbly's Day Out 1985HewsonLemon
Grid Zone Remix 2005CronosoftGB64
Gridrunner 1983LlamasoftLemon
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The 1987RicochetLemon, GB64
Guardian Angel, The 1990CodemastersLemon, GB64
Gun Dogs 1984Hill MacGibbonGB64
Gunship 1986MicroProse SoftwareLemon
Gusher 1984Visions Software FactoryGB64
Guttblaster 1989MastergamesGB64
Hacker 1985ActivisionLemon
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers 1986MastertronicLemon
Hades Nebula 1987NexusLemon, GB64
Hampstead 1984Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Handvoll Dollar$, Eine 1985QuelleSoftLemon, GB64
Happiest Days of Your Life, The 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Harrier Attack 1984Durell SoftwareLemon, GB64
Harvey Smith Showjumper 1985Software ProjectsLemon
Havoc 1984Dynavision ProductionsLemon, GB64
Hektik 1984MastertronicLemon, GB64
Hellhole 1990CRLLemon, GB64
Hexapawn 1983AR SoftwearGB64
Hexenküche 1985Palace SoftwareLemon
Hexpert 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon
Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants 1983Virgin GamesLemon, GB64
Hollywood Ocean
Hostages 1989InfogramesLemon, GB64
Hostages 1989InfogramesLemon, GB64
Hotshot 1988Addictive GamesLemon, GB64
House Jack Built, The 1985Thor Computer SoftwareLemon, GB64
Hover Bovver 1983LlamasoftLemon
Howard the Duck 1986ActivisionLemon, GB64
Howard the Duck 1986Alternative SoftwareLemon, GB64
Human Race, The 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Hunchback II: Quasimodo's Revenge 1986OceanLemon
Hungry Horace 1983Melbourne HouseLemon
Hunter Patrol 1985MastertronicLemon
I, Ball II 1988FirebirdLemon
Ice Hockey Prism Leisure
Ikari Warriors 1988EliteLemon
Impossamole 1990Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Impossible Mission 1984CBS SoftwareLemon
In Crowd, The Ocean
Indoor Sports 1987Advanced Software PromotionsLemon, GB64
Interdictor Pilot 1984SupersoftLemon, GB64
International Basketball 1984CommodoreLemon, GB64
International Tennis 1985CommodoreLemon, GB64
Iridis Alpha 1986HewsonLemon
Jack and the Beanstalk 1984Thor Computer SoftwareLemon, GB64
Jack the Nipper 1986Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Jet Set Willy 1984Software ProjectsLemon, GB64
Jet Set Willy II 1985Software ProjectsLemon, GB64
Jewels of Babylon Interceptor SoftwareLemon, GB64
Jinn Genie 1984MicromegaLemon
Jonah Barrington's Squash 1985MastertronicLemon
Judge Dredd 1987Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Judge Dredd 1991Virgin GamesLemon
Jump Jet 1985Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Jungle Story 1984MastertronicLemon
Jupiter Lander 1982CommodoreLemon
Kaktus 1983SupersoftLemon, GB64
Kane 1985MastertronicLemon
Karate Champ 1985AmericanaLemon, GB64
Kendo Warrior 1989Byte BackLemon, GB64
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager CognitoLemon, GB64
Kentilla 1986MastertronicLemon
Kettle 1987Alligata SoftwareLemon, GB64
KGB Superspy 1989CodemastersGB64
Kick Off 1983Bubble BusLemon, GB64
Kikstart 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Kikstart II 1987MastertronicLemon
Knight Rider 1986OceanLemon, GB64
Know Your Tables Collins Software
Knuckle Busters 1986Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Kobayashi Naru 1987MastertronicLemon
Kokotoni Wilf 1984EliteLemon
Krazy Kar 1984IJK SoftwareLemon, GB64
Krypton 1984ACELemon, GB64, c64tapes
Krystals of Zong 1983Soft & EasyLemon
Kung-Fu Master 1985US GoldLemon
Kwah 1986Melbourne HouseLemon
Labyrinth 1986ActivisionLemon, GB64
Ladders to Learning - Balloon Game 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Division I 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Fractions I 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Graphs I 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Graphs II 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Hangman V 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Memory Trainer 1984McGraw Hill
Ladders to Learning - Word Power 1984McGraw Hill
Laser Squad 1989Target GamesLemon, GB64
Laser Zone 1983LlamasoftLemon, GB64
Laser Zone 1983LlamasoftLemon, GB64
Last Mission 1986US GoldLemon, GB64
Last Ninja, The 1987System 3Lemon
Last Ninja, The 1987SummitLemon
Last V8, The 1985MastertronicLemon
Law of the West 1985US GoldLemon, GB64
Lazy Jones 1984Terminal SoftwareLemon, GB64
Leaderboard Executive 1986US GoldLemon
Leaderboard Golf 1986US GoldLemon
Legions of Death 1987MC LothlorienLemon, GB64
Leopard Lord 1983Kayde SoftwareGB64
Little Computer People 1985ActivisionLemon
Little Computer People 1985RicochetLemon
Logo Logic 1 No Mans Land
Lost in the Labyrinth 1983Stack Computer ServicesGB64
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 1990Gremlin GraphicsLemon
M.U.L.E. 1983AriolasoftLemon
Macbeth 1984Creative SparksLemon, GB64
Madness 1986EurogoldLemon, GB64
Maggotmania 1983CommodoreLemon, GB64
Magic Carpet 1984ACELemon, GB64, c64tapes
Magic Carpet 1984MastertronicLemon
Magic Sword, The 1984Database Software
Manic Miner 1983Software ProjectsLemon, GB64
Marauder 1988HewsonLemon, GB64
Master Chess 1986MastertronicLemon
Master of Magic, The 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Master of the Lamps 1985ActivisionLemon, GB64
Match Point 1984The Hit SquadLemon, GB64
Megahawk 1984Big GLemon, GB64
Megahawk 1984DynamicsLemon, GB64
Megawarz 1984Paramount SoftwareGB64
Mermaid Madness 1986Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Metamorphosis II - Attack on Cyglorx 1983Mogul CommunicationsGB64
Metro Blitz 1983Personal Software Services (PSS)Lemon, GB64
Micro Rhythm 1986FirebirdLemon
Micro Rhythm+ 1986FirebirdLemon
Microcosm 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz 1988EliteLemon
Milk Race 1987MastertronicLemon
Mind Benders Domark
Missile Command 1983Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Moby Dick 1983Personal Software Services (PSS)Lemon, GB64
Moby Dick 1983Soft & EasyLemon, GB64
Monopole 1983Rabbit SoftwareGB64
Monster Munch 1983Atlantis SoftwareLemon, GB64
Mordon's Quest 1985Melbourne HouseLemon
Mothership 1983Artic ComputingLemon, GB64
Mr. Angry 1986CodemastersLemon
Mr. Freeze 1984FirebirdLemon
Mr. Mephisto 1984Euro-ByteLemon, GB64
Mr. T's Jungle Stories 1984Ebury SoftwareGB64
Mr. T's Shape Games 1984Ebury SoftwareGB64
Mr. Wimpy: The Hamburger Game 1984OceanLemon, GB64
Mr. Wino 1988SilverbirdLemon, GB64
Multimixx 5 Kixx
Music Composer 1982Commodore
Music Maker Play Along - Beatles Commodore
Music Maker Play Along - Pop Hits Commodore
Music Maker Play Along - Popular Classics Commodore
Mystery of the Nile, The 1987FirebirdLemon, GB64
NARC 1990OceanLemon, GB64
Nato Commander 1984MicroProse SoftwareLemon, GB64
Neil Android 1988Alternative SoftwareLemon
Nemesis 1986KonamiLemon, GB64
Neoclyps 1983Personal Software Services (PSS)Lemon, GB64
Neoclyps 1983Soft & EasyLemon, GB64
Newzealand Story, The 1989The Hit SquadLemon
Nick Faldo Plays the Open 1986Argus Press SoftwareLemon, GB64
Night Moves Ocean
Night Shift 1990Lucasfilm GamesLemon
Ninja Master, The 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Ninja Warriors, The 1989Tronix (Mastertronic)Lemon, GB64
North & South 1989InfogramesLemon, GB64
North Sea Inferno, The 1989Magic BytesLemon, GB64
Now Games Virgin Games
Nuclear War Games 1984Severn SoftwareLemon, GB64
Nursery Nightmare 1984Cable SoftwareGB64
OCP Art Studio, The Rainbird
Octoplex 1989MastertronicGB64
Off the Hook 1986Electric Dreams
Olympics 84 Storm Software
Omega Race 1982CommodoreLemon
On Cue 1987MastertronicLemon, GB64
On-Field Football 1986FirebirdLemon
One Man and His Droid 1985MastertronicLemon
Oops! 1988The Big AppleLemon
Operation Whirlwind 1984AriolasoftLemon, GB64
Operation Wolf 1988The Hit SquadLemon
Operation Wolf 1988ERBELemon
Orion Quest, The 1984Argus Press SoftwareGB64
Out Run Europa 1991US GoldLemon
Outback 1984Paramount SoftwareLemon, GB64
Outlaws 1985UltimateLemon, GB64
Oxxonian 1989Rainbow ArtsLemon, GB64
P.O.D. - Proof of Destruction 1987MastertronicLemon
Paddington's Shopping Mix-Up 1983Collins Software
Paint Pic Kuma
Pang 1991OceanLemon, GB64
Panther 1986MastertronicLemon
Paperboy 1986EliteLemon, GB64
Paperboy 1986EncoreLemon
Paradroid 1985HewsonLemon, GB64
Paratroopers 1983Rabbit SoftwareLemon, GB64
Parky and the Yellow Submarine 1985CheetahsoftGB64
Paste-Man Pat 1989SilverbirdGB64
Pastfinder 1984ActivisionLemon
Penetrator 1984Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Pesky Painter 1984SupersoftGB64
Petch 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon
Peter Beardsley's International Football 1988GrandslamLemon
Phantom of the Asteroid 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Physics Ivan Berg Software
Pictionary: The Game of Quick Draw 1989DomarkLemon
Pilot 64 1983Abbex SoftwareGB64
Pinball Blaster 1988MastergamesGB64
Ping Pong 1986ImagineLemon, GB64
Pit-Fighter 1991DomarkLemon
Pit-Fighter 1991The Hit SquadLemon
Pitman Typing 1984Pitman PublishingLemon, GB64
Pitstop II 1984US GoldLemon
Platoon 1987OceanLemon
Platoon 1987The Hit SquadLemon
Poker 1984DuckworthGB64
Pole Position 1984US GoldLemon
Police Cadet 1986Midas MarketingLemon, GB64
Pool of Radiance 1988Strategic Simulations, IncLemon, GB64
Poolsmaster 1986Asirus
Pottit 1983Romik SoftwareGB64
Power Drift 1990LeaderLemon
Powerplay: The Game of the Gods 1986Players SoftwareLemon
Predator 1988The Hit SquadLemon, GB64
Pro Boxing Simulator 1990CodemastersLemon, GB64
Pro Powerboat Simulator 1989CodemastersLemon
Pro Tennis Tour 1989Ubi SoftLemon, GB64
Professional Skateboard Simulator 1988CodemastersLemon, GB64
Prohibition 1987Players SoftwareLemon, GB64
Project Stealth Fighter 1987MicroProse SoftwareLemon
Project Stealth Fighter 1987MicroProse SoftwareLemon
Psycho Hopper 1989MastertronicLemon, GB64
Psytron 1984BeyondGB64
Pulse Interceptor Software
Pulse Warrior 1988MastertronicLemon, GB64
Purple Heart 1988CRLLemon, GB64
Pyjamarama! 1984Mikro-GenLemon
Pyramid, The 1984Fantasy SoftwareLemon, GB64
Quasar 1984VoyagerLemon, GB64
Quattro Sports Codemasters
Quattro Super Hits Codemasters
Quest for the Holy Grail, The 1984MastertronicLemon
Question of Sport, A 1988EncoreLemon
Questprobe 2: Spiderman 1984Adventure InternationalLemon
Quizzer Bubble Bus
R.M.S. Titanic 1986Electric DreamsLemon, GB64
Rad Ramp Racer 1990MastertronicLemon, GB64
Raid on Bungeling Bay 1984AriolasoftLemon, GB64
Raid on Bungeling Bay 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Raid Over Moscow 1984US GoldLemon
Rainbow Islands 1990OceanLemon
Rambo III 1988The Hit SquadLemon
Rapid Assembler System Romik Software
Rattler 1984Atlantis SoftwareLemon, GB64
Raw Recruit 1988MastertronicLemon, GB64
Read Right Away HS
Rebel 1987RicochetLemon, GB64
Red Arrows 1985Database SoftwareLemon, GB64
Red Storm Rising 1988MicroProse SoftwareLemon
Redhawk 1986Melbourne HouseGB64
Redhawk 1986MicropoolGB64
Renegade 1987ImagineLemon, GB64
Renegade III: The Final Chapter 1989The Hit SquadLemon
Rick Dangerous II 1990MicroStyleLemon, GB64
Ricochet 1988FirebirdLemon, GB64
Rimrunner 1988Palace SoftwareLemon, GB64
Road Runner 1987US GoldLemon, GB64
Robobolt 1986Alpha OmegaLemon, GB64
Rock'n Wrestle 1985AackosoftLemon
Rock'n Wrestle 1985Melbourne HouseLemon
Rocket Ball 1985IJK SoftwareLemon
Rockford: The Arcade Game + Back to Reality 1988MastertronicLemon
Rogue 1988MastertronicLemon
RollerBall 1983OceanLemon, GB64
Roy of the Rovers 1988Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure 1990Hi-Tec SoftwareLemon, GB64
Run the Gauntlet 1989The Hit SquadLemon
S.W.A.T. 1986MastertronicLemon
Saboteur 1986Durell SoftwareLemon, GB64
Sailing 1987MastertronicLemon, GB64
Saint Dragon 1990Storm Sales CurveLemon, GB64
Saint Dragon 1990KixxLemon, GB64
Samurai Trilogy 1987Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Sanxion 1986ThalamusLemon
Sanxion 1986Rack It (Hewson)Lemon
Savage Island Part Two 1983TynesoftLemon, GB64
Scroll of Akbar Khan, The 1985Step OneGB64
Scrolls of Abadon, The 1984AmericanaLemon, GB64
Scuba Dive 1983Durell SoftwareLemon, GB64
Se-Kaa of Assiah 1984MastertronicLemon
Sea Horse Hide'n Seek 1984CBS SoftwareLemon, GB64
Sea Wolf 1982CommodoreLemon
Seabase Delta 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The 1985Mosaic PublishingLemon
Security Alert 1991First Star SoftwareLemon, GB64
Serve & Volley 1988Electronic ArtsLemon, GB64
Sesame Street - Letters for you The Electric Company
Sesame Street - Numbers Count The Electric Company
Shadow Skimmer 1987The EdgeLemon, GB64
Shadowfax 1983PosternLemon, GB64
Shadows of Mordor, The 1988Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Shanghai Warriors 1989Players SoftwareLemon, GB64
Shark 1989Players SoftwareLemon, GB64
Shinobi 1989MastertronicLemon
Shinobi 1989Tronix (Mastertronic)Lemon
Shogun 1986AriolasoftLemon, GB64
Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit 1987Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Silent Service 1985US GoldLemon
Silent Service 1985US GoldLemon
Silk Worm 1988MastertronicLemon
Skate Crazy 1988Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Skate Wars 1990Ubi SoftLemon
SkateRock 1986Bubble BusLemon, GB64
SkateRock 1986RicochetLemon, GB64
Skatin' USA 1990Atlantis SoftwareLemon, GB64
Skel 1984Hitech Games PlusLemon, GB64
Skramble! 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon
Skramble! 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon
Skramble! 1983Anirog SoftwareLemon
Sky Runner 1986Cascade GamesLemon, GB64
Sky Twice 1987Action SoftwareLemon, GB64
Skyfox 1985AriolasoftLemon
Skyjet 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Slap Shot 1985Anirog SoftwareLemon
Snare 1993Beyond BeliefLemon, GB64
Snooker And Pool 1987Prism LeisureLemon, GB64
Snowball 1983Level 9 ComputingLemon, GB64
Souls of Darkon 1985TasksetLemon
Space Harrier 1987EncoreLemon, GB64
Space Hunter 1985MastertronicLemon, GB64
Space Pilot 1984Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Space Pilot II 1985Anirog SoftwareLemon, GB64
Space Walk 1984MastertronicLemon
Spaceball 1988Rainbow ArtsGB64
Spacebike 1990ImpressionsLemon, GB64
Special Agent Hill MacGibbonLemon, GB64
Special Operations 1984MC LothlorienLemon, GB64
Speed King 1986MastertronicLemon
Speed Zone 1988MastertronicGB64
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe 1991Image Works (Mirrorsoft)Lemon
Spellbound 1986MastertronicLemon
Spelloon 1983AudiogenicGB64
Spelunker 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Spiky Harold 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Spitfire '40 1985Alternative SoftwareLemon
Spitting Image: The Computer Game 1988The Hit SquadLemon
Split Personalities 1986DomarkLemon, GB64
Split Personalities 1986Bug-ByteLemon, GB64
Spooks! 1985MastertronicLemon
Spooky Castle 1990Atlantis SoftwareLemon, GB64
Spriteman 64 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Spy Hunter 1983US GoldLemon, GB64
Spy Hunter 1983US GoldLemon, GB64
Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper 1985BeyondLemon
Spy vs Spy III: Arctic Antics 1986Hi-Tec SoftwareLemon
Spyplane Gilsoft
Staff of Karnath, The 1984UltimateLemon, GB64
Stairways 1985Thor Computer SoftwareLemon, GB64
Star Commando 1984Terminal SoftwareLemon, GB64
Star League Baseball 1983ActivisionLemon, GB64
Star Lifter 1987MastertronicLemon
Star Wars 1988DomarkLemon
Starion 1986Melbourne HouseLemon, GB64
Starship Andromeda 1986AriolasoftLemon, GB64
Stealth 1984US GoldLemon, GB64
Stellar Wars 1983CommodoreLemon, GB64
Sting 64 1983QuicksilvaGB64
Strangeloop 1985Virgin GamesLemon, GB64
Street Sports Basketball 1987US GoldLemon, GB64
Street Sports Soccer 1988US GoldLemon, GB64
Street Surfer 1986MastertronicLemon, GB64
Strider 1990US GoldLemon, GB64
Strider 1990KixxLemon, GB64
Strike Force Harrier 1986Alternative SoftwareLemon, GB64
Strip Poker II 1985Byte BackLemon, GB64
Sub Hunt 1984MastertronicLemon, GB64
Summer Camp 1990KixxLemon
Summer Games 1984CBS SoftwareLemon
Summer Games 2 1985US GoldLemon
Supa-Catcha-Troopa! 1983AbrascoLemon
Super Blitz 1983CommodoreLemon, GB64
Super Cars 1991Gremlin GraphicsLemon, GB64
Super Cycle 1986US GoldLemon
Super Draughts 1983S. RoeGB64
Super Hang-On 1987The Hit SquadLemon
Super Rider 1984FirebirdLemon, GB64
Super Skramble! 1983Terminal SoftwareLemon
Super-League Soccer 1990EnergizeGB64
Supercup Football 1988Rack It (Hewson)GB64
Superhero 1988CodemastersLemon, GB64
Superkid 1990Atlantis SoftwareLemon, GB64
SuperTed 1984Longman SoftwareGB64
Swag 1984MicromaniaLemon, GB64
Swap 1991Palace SoftwareLemon, GB64
Sweep! 1987MastertronicLemon, GB64
T-Bird 1989MastertronicLemon
Tales of the Arabian Nights 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Tank Atak 1983SupersoftLemon, GB64
Target Renegade 1988The Hit SquadLemon, GB64
Techno Cop 1989KixxLemon, GB64
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1990Image Works (Mirrorsoft)Lemon
Ten Little Indians 1983TynesoftGB64
Terramex 1987Bug-ByteLemon, GB64
Tetris 1988MastertronicLemon
Thai Boxing 1986AncoLemon, GB64
They Sold a Million 1985The Hit Squad
Thinker, The 1984Atlantis SoftwareGB64
Through the Trapdoor 1988Alternative SoftwareLemon
Thrust 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
ThunderBolt 1987CodemastersLemon, GB64
Tiger Mission 1987Status SoftwareLemon
Time Traveller 1995MindscapeLemon, GB64
Time Trucker ASK
Time Tunnel 1985US GoldLemon
To Hell and Back 1988CRLLemon, GB64
Tombs of Xeiops 1983Romik SoftwareLemon, GB64
Tomcat 1989Players SoftwareLemon, GB64
Tornado CSL
Total Eclipse 1989Incentive SoftwareLemon, GB64
Total Recall 1991OceanLemon, GB64
Total Recall 1991OceanLemon, GB64
Toy Bizarre 1984RicochetLemon
Trailblazer 1986Gremlin GraphicsLemon
Train Robbers 1987FirebirdLemon, GB64
Transformers 1985OceanLemon, GB64
Transylvanian Tower 1983Richard Shepherd SoftwareLemon, GB64
Trashman 1984QuicksilvaLemon, GB64
Treasure Island 1987MastertronicLemon, GB64
Treasure Isle CronosoftGB64
Triple Tournament 1984Terminal SoftwareGB64
Trivial Pursuit 1986DomarkLemon, GB64
Trivial Pursuit: Baby Boomer Edition 1986DomarkLemon
Troopa Truck 1983Rabbit SoftwareLemon, GB64
Tube, The 1987QuicksilvaLemon, GB64
Turbo 64 1983Limbic Systems UKLemon, GB64
Turbo Out Run 1989US GoldLemon
Twin Kingdom Valley 1984Bug-ByteLemon
Untouchables, The 1989OceanLemon
Uridium 1986Rack It (Hewson)Lemon
Vagan Attack 1985Atlantis SoftwareGB64
Vegas Jackpot 1984MastertronicLemon
Venom 1987MastertronicLemon
View to a Kill, A 1985DomarkLemon
Vindicator!, The 1988The Hit SquadLemon
Vortex Raider 1983Interceptor SoftwareLemon, GB64
W.A.R. 1986MartechLemon
Warhawk 1986FirebirdLemon, GB64
Werewolves of London 1988MastertronicLemon
Wheelin' Wallie 1984Interceptor SoftwareLemon
White Viper 1985SparklersLemon, GB64
Who Dares Wins 1985Alligata SoftwareLemon, GB64
Who Dares Wins II 1985Alligata SoftwareLemon, GB64
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988Buena Vista SoftwareLemon, GB64
Wild Ride 1985Interceptor SoftwareLemon
Wildfire 1983SupersoftLemon, GB64
Willow Pattern Adventure, The 1985FirebirdLemon, GB64
Winning Games on the Commodore 64 Ellis Horwood Ltd
Winter Games 1985US GoldLemon
Winter Games 1985KixxLemon
Winter Olympiad 88 1988Micro ValueLemon, GB64
Winter Supersports 92 1992Flair SoftwareLemon, GB64
Wiz 1987Melbourne HouseLemon
Word Wizard 1982Bubble Bus
Words and Pictures Chalksoft
Words Words Words Commodore
World Champions 1988E & J SoftwareLemon, GB64
World Class Leader Board 1987US GoldLemon
World Cup Carnival: Mexico '86 1985US GoldLemon
World Cup Football 1984Artic ComputingLemon, GB64
World Series Baseball 1985ImagineLemon, GB64
World Tour Golf 1987Electronic ArtsLemon, GB64
WWF WrestleMania 1991OceanLemon, GB64
X-29 Fighter Mission 1985Midas MarketingLemon, GB64
Xenon 1989MastertronicLemon
Xenon Ranger 1988Alpha OmegaLemon, GB64
Xybots 1989DomarkLemon, GB64
Xybots 1989DomarkLemon, GB64
Yahtcee 1983Anik Micro SystemsGB64
Zaga Mission 1984Anirog SoftwareLemon
Zappy Zooks 1983Romik SoftwareLemon, GB64
Zaxxon 1984US GoldLemon
Zero Gravity 1989EAS SoftwareLemon, GB64
Zeta-7 1984Mogul CommunicationsLemon
Zeus 64 Assembler Crystal
Zoids 1986MartechLemon, GB64
Zombi 1990Ubi SoftLemon, GB64
Zork I: The Great Underground Empire 1983InfocomLemon
Zub 1986MastertronicLemon
Zulu 1984FirebirdLemon, GB64
Zzzzz 1986MastertronicLemon

Totals: 743 titles (718 cassette, 18 disc, 7 cartridge)

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