Gremlins: The Adventure

1985, Adventure International

Lemon64 entry

I remember the first time I played this I really enjoyed it, probably because I had just seen the movie which I liked. Its quite clear that it helps to have seen the movie to play the game as some puzzles are taken directly from it. Replaying this game brought back that old Gremlins feeling and I was quite surprised to see graphics on every location (35 in total). Although graphics are quite simple and only covering less than half the screen, its not bad for a single load game. In addition, the graphics change as you do things in that location, which is also nice. The graphics works and helps putting you into that Gremlins feeling. :)

As an adventure game its pretty bad really, the descriptions are short and the parser is terrible. Quite often you end up in silly little problems like having to press a button many times for things to happen (and god forbid if you have two items in your inventory with buttons). Also silly things like having to examing a drawer twice to find the two items in it really ruins this game. Thats not the kind of challenge an adventurer should have. Still at the end the challenges are more normal and although you will find yourself chased around by gremlins its a nice touch that you can do stuff to be alone for a while.

You can probably play through it in less than 5 minutes if you know what to do, after all there is only 35 locations. Otherwise I have to admit I got stuck some places (naturally the examine drawer x 2 thing, and a pretty silly thing about a mailbox). I guess the reason why the text and parser is bad is simply that they also had to fit all this graphics in there.

Walkthrough for lazy people. :)
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