The Goonies

1985, Datasoft

Lemon64 - GB64 - C64 Game Endings

I had fond memories of this game and it was just as fun as I remember when I loaded it up again. Notably since it has to load each level independently it can be a bit tiresome with the tape version when you have to rewind to where the levels are (use counter). Just load the disk version up in Vice and you will have a more pleasant experience. If you liked the movie, you will feel familiar in the games setting, and levels are partly inspired by elements in the film. Datasoft had a number of film license releases including Bruce Lee, Conan, Zorro and Dallas. Goonies was without doubt one of the best in my opinion, although Bruce Lee is great fun too.

Goonies is a fun puzzle game where you control two characters, and they have managed to do this smoothy in spite of only requiring the joystick to play. Just press the button to swap between the two characters. Each level has completely different layout and puzzles, some are easy while others are very hard (especially the birds and eggs imo). It requires you to open valves, break things, start machines, open gates, stack things, etc. In other words a pretty varied set of gameplay mechanics which makes this a fun game. In addition you start off with many lives to retry the level to perfection (I remember finishing this back in the 80s which was pretty rare for me). There are only 8 levels so its not a very big game although it takes time to perfect your tactics for each level.

The graphics are quite simple 4 color bitmaps (black, white, blue, red) which is perhaps because it makes programming the thing more simpler (due to the C64 somewhat limited color-per-char resolution). The graphics work fine since they are pretty detailed and gives a good feeling for each level. The music is also fun and fits perfectly to the game. Get it and try it in Vice, you will definitely enjoy it, especially since you can then appreciate all levels at your own pace.

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