1984, Activision

Lemon64 - GB64 - C64 Game Endings - Longplay on YouTube

What can I say, this game has it all and was an instant classic based on the Hollywood blockbuster movie. I have fond memories of visiting a friend playing this game a lot. Although we never ever got past the Marshmallow man at the end of the game. Finally 25 years later I can complete it in Vice. :)

The game is faithful to the movie in the plotline where the evil Zuul must be stopped by a startup ghost-busting company before he opens the doors to hell. You start you company with $10000 and must choose a car and kit it with the necessary tools. You can upgrade your car at any time during the game as well, as you will be making money from helpless citizens having a ghostly visitor. You have a nice top view of the city where you decide where to drive next as some ghosts are moving realtime on the map. Any haunted house will blink. When you have chosen a destination you will encounter any yellow ghosts from the main map that your path has crossed. When at a building you set the trap and control two ghostbusters which use their energy-ray-weapon-thingy to constrain the ghost somewhat and finally set off the trap to capture it. You earn money based on how quickly you came to the house and how quickly after you capture it. As time progress the movement of the ghosts will speed up until the key and lock joins at the center of the screen. At intervals 4 ghosts will gather up in the city and spawn a Mashmallow man trampling down houses. These must be stopped as fast as possible using a special tool on your car. When the key and lock joins the final part of the game starts where you have to move 3 ghostbusters in the door with a giant Marshmallow man jumping back and forth (the hard part of the game). And at the end you will see the ghostbusters finishing off the end boss and close the gate. When the game ends (successful or not) you will get an "account number" which is a code you can enter to start the game with the amount of money you had when that game ended. This way you can play it again but enough money to buy the good stuff from the beginning.

Everything in this game is brilliant. It has both strategic and action elements, and generally quite easy to play. It has sampled sound, a nice version of the ghostbusters song and good sound effects. The graphics are very nice and works brilliantly with the theme. There are just enough elements of variation to the game also to make it interesting to play again. Especially the "account" concept is brilliant, something I wish was available in more games. It even has karaoke sing-along on the main screen with a ball bouncing on the lyrics as the song is playing. Top notch stuff!

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