Lets make a Commodore 64 Text Adventure Game!

A simple tutorial by John Christian Lonningdal

Part 6 - Game endings

As you saw in the previous part there are 4 possible endings, 3 which lead to certain death and 1 which leads to victory! Here are the 4 different endings:

Nothing exciting here really but as you might have noticed, formatting text in basic can be a pain unless you spend one line of code per actual visual line as I have done from line 730 and after. As we progress in our adventure game engine, some lines of text will be partially generated and will require a word wrap feature since it really isnt very professional to have words cut in half. Generally having to worry about text wrap should be avoided by having a smarter print routine that does this for you. Although this can be done in basic we will see later if we might add some assembly code for this since string manipulation in basic is exceptionally slow.

Part 7 - Let's play!
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