1986, Firebird

Lemon64 entry

This game was one I enjoyed immediately, and stayed around in my mind for so long that I made my own version 15 year later in Java during a graphics course at the University of Pittsburgh. Its a simple game, but hard to master. Use the joystick to rotate the rocket ship and press the button to give it thrust in the direction it is facing. You then have to navigate the ship above a sphere and press space to use your beam to pick it up. After this you have to navigate out of the caves and off of the planet with the sphere hanging and dragging your ship down. Yes the thing about this game is that there is gravity pulling your ship down all the time. The amount of gravity increases with each level as well. It becomes a very challenging job to keep the ship from crashing into the walls of the caves and almost impossible at times to get the ship and dangling ball through some of the narrow passages.

The game actually only have 6 unique levels! The levels after that are identical to the first 6 but the gravity in reverse - which makes it very hard unless you turn your monitor upside down! :) I can remember I never got much further than level 4 or so back in the 80s, but with emulators I could finally enjoy the full game. For a budget game this was a really great game, and features an excellent music track by Rob Hubbard. Robs music would be loved so much that I even recorded his game songs on cassette and played whem while doing other stuff. My brothers thought I was crazy of course, but you know - once a gamer, always a gamer! :)

Go get this game, its an excellent game for its time with 4 directional scrolling and some nice vectorized graphics.

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