Bruce Lee

1984, US Gold (Datasoft)

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This was an instant classic, Bruce Lee movies was great fun back in the 80s and the game allowed you to play him on a mission to take the big bad boss. Originally distributed by Datasoft in the US and by US Gold in Europe. The programmer Ron J Fortier also did Alternate Reality and Conan. The latter has some similarities to Bruce Lee although not as good as this one.

You are playing Bruce Lee (no kidding) and you have to collect lanterns in the screens and eventually an opening will be visible which leads to another screen. Bruce Lee can climb up and down walls to reach different levels and frequently have to jump across traps. To make matters worse a ninja and a green sumo warrior will try to stop you. The ninja uses his sword and the sumo will try to knock you down. Bruce can do flying kicks and hits as well as ducking down.

The graphics are fairly good and well defined, although the heros animations is somewhat glitchy (seems to get stuck on floor at intervals). The music consist of a simple tune and there are some simple sound effects, most of it Bruce's feet tapping across the floor. You can almost play through most of it without fighting, but its still a challenging games with all the traps. You will frequently have to practice timing in certain screens. A perfect playthrough of the game can be done in about 10 minutes.

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